Consultation Manipulation

CONSULTATION MANIPULATION The consultation was extended to 1.2 million people and organisations, including 950,000 Dart Charge customers. A total of 47,034 responses were received: Respondent Designation Totals Members of the public 33,224 “Campaigns”[1] 13,284 Petitions[2] 3 Organisations and groups 523 Total 47,034 Campaigns Highways England define a campaign response as “an identically worded response that […]

Lower Thames Crossing Background

Lower Thames Crossing Background In January 2009, the Department for Transport proposed 3 major options to increase capacity east of London over the Thames to be built downstream of the existing Dartford Crossing.  On 21 May 2013, the Secretary of State announced a consultation document inviting views on the relative merits of the 3 options […]

Lower Thames Crossing Public Meeting 11th May 2017

A public meeting, attended by around 140 residents, was held at Shorne Village Hall on Thursday 11th May. Bob Lane gave a presentation about the flawed nature of the consultation process, which included directly conflicting information from Highways England and the Transport Ministers, and which discounted the responses from 13,240 people opposed to Option C.  […]

The Latest Litter Patrol in Shorne

Another great job by Shorne’s Litter Patrol Volunteers! 33 volunteers took part in our litter patrol on Saturday 4th March 2017, collecting approximately 90 sacks of discarded cans, bottles, and sundry litter, plus a huge amount of fly tipped rubbish! Pictured below are just some of the local volunteers who took part, together with photos […]