New Lower Thames Crossing Development Boundary July 2018

On 10 July 2018, Highways England published a revised development boundary to replace the previous red line boundary.  The revised boundary is available to view at This shows the land they want to protect from conflicting development in case it is needed for constructing or operating the Lower Thames Crossing.  They have asked local […]

Rural Conservation Areas – Article 4 Surveys Summer 2018

During the coming months, Gravesham Borough Council) will be carrying out surveys of properties within the rural conservation areas in order to update the Article 4 Directions.  This includes Thong, Shorne, Chestnut Green, and Queens Farm conservation areas. The surveys will entail noting existing external elements; windows, doors and roofing materials etc. and taking external […]

Lower Thames Crossing Helicopter Surveys June 2018

Lower Thames Crossing are planning to undertake Aerial LiDAR (Light, Detection & Ranging) Surveys, week commencing 11 June. This will involve a helicopter flying over local areas for three days along the proposed LTC route corridor – this will include areas outside of the development line boundary. The aerial surveys are required to provide information […]

Trees and Shrubs Obstructing Footpaths or Highways

Residents are reminded to check and cut back any garden hedges, trees, or other vegetation that overhangs or otherwise obstructs roads, pavements, or footpaths. It is worth noting that property owners are legally obliged to ensure that their garden vegetation is kept trimmed so that it does not obstruct the passage of pedestrians or vehicles, […]

Highways England Drops Plans for A226 Junction

Highways England’s latest thinking, announced on 1st November 2017, is to remove the proposed junction from the A226 between Chalk and Shorne, in order to reduce the traffic impact on local roads. However, the new plan indicates that the link roads will now be 3 lanes in each direction, and entails the widening of the […]