Highways England are carrying out a supplementary consultation on the revised plans for the proposed Lower Thames Crossing.  It runs from 29th January to 25th March 2020. An initial review of of the consultation documents suggests that there appear to be significant changes south of the river. The tunnel has been extended south by 350 […]

Mobile Phone Mast Consultation

Shorne Parish Council is running a consultation to seek the views of local residents regarding Galliford Try’s proposal for a mobile telecommunications mast and compound on Shorne Common, adjacent to Mill Hill Lane.  The consultations runs from Friday 17th January 2020, and closes on Friday 28th February 2020.  If you would like to participate, details […]

Mobile Phone Mast – January 2020 Update

Galliford Try, acting on behalf of Cornerstone Telecommunications, has now written to Shorne Parish Council formally requesting to enter into negotiations to reach a consensual agreement to establish the base station on Shorne Common. The Parish Council has previously informed them that, whilst we recognise the need to improve mobile phone coverage in Shorne, we […]

2020 Programme of Meetings

The 2020 programme of meetings can be found in the top menu under ‘Parish Council’ and a copy is attached.  Please note that the programme is subject to change.

Proposed Telecoms Mast on Shorne Common

Shorne Parish Council has received a proposal for a 25 metre high lattice tower mobile telecommunications base station in an 8 metre by 8 metre compound on Shorne Common This has not been initiated nor is it welcome by the Parish Council, and we have informed the infrastructure developer that we intend to oppose the […]

Shornemead Level Crossing Closed

Parishioners may recall that in November 2009, Network Rail closed Shornemead Level Crossing without any prior consultation or notice.  It wasn’t until 2016 that the crossing was reopened, following a great deal of work by members of the Parish Council to ensure that the crossing was recognised as a public right of way. As a […]

Yellow Lines at Chestnut Green 27th September 2019

Gravesham Borough Council have advised that they intend to paint yellow lines at the corner of Chestnut Green and in Pear Tree Lane either side of the Bowesden Lane junction on Friday 27th September 2019, following which parking restrictions will apply. Drivers are strongly advised to make sure their vehicles are removed from the areas […]

A New Moveable Speed Indicator Device for Shorne?

Shorne Parish Council is planning to invest in a moveable speed indicator device (SID) which will be moved between fixed locations in Tanyard Hill, Pear Tree Lane, and Thong Lane, Thong.  The SID, which is similar to the one used in Cobham and Sole Street, displays the speed of approaching vehicles, with the aim of […]