Next Meeting 25th June 2020

Date of Next Meeting by Video Conference The next combined meeting of the Parish Council will take place by remote video conferencing at 7.45pm on Thursday 25th June 2020.  If you wish to attend the meeting, please contact The Clerk at for joining instructions.

Pear Tree Lane 30mph Speed Limit

Kent County Council is at last proposing to extend the 30mph speed limit for the full length of Pear Tree Lane, to its junction with Gravesend Road. Shorne Parish Council has been pressing for this for a number of years, as we do not consider that the national speed limit (up to 60mph) is appropriate […]

Theresa Martin RIP

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Theresa Martin, our former Clerk, has died. Theresa Martin became the Parish Clerk for Shorne Parish Council in 1986 and served the Parish Council and the people of Shorne for over 33 years. She is pictured here with her colleagues at her retirement at […]

Response to the Lower Thames Crossing Supplementary Consultation

Highways England carried out a supplementary consultation on the latest changes to the Lower Thames Crossing proposals between 29th January 2020 and 2nd April 2020.  Shorne Parish Council’s response can be found below.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions – Meetings Cancelled

Shorne Parish Council has cancelled all scheduled Parish Council and Committee meetings until further notice, and will conduct its business remotely.  With the exception of routine payments or emergency expenditure, notification of any proposals to incur significant or exceptional expenditure will be published on our website four clear days in advance in order to provide […]

Forge Lane Parking Restrictions Consultation

PROPOSAL FOR INSTALLING DOUBLE YELLOW LINES ON THE CORNERS OF FORGE LANE WITH CROWN LANE, COB DRIVE AND MALTHOUSE LANE Residents living in the centre of Shorne, or who try to drive through at peak School drop-off and pick-up times, will be aware of the problems from inconsiderate parking on road corners near the School.  […]

Lower Thames Crossing Utility Trial Trenching Surveys

Notice has been received from Highways England regarding surveys that will begin shortly in your local area. As part of the ongoing surveys HE is going to start Utility Trial Trenching (UTT). This phase of works will begin from this month and will go on until August.  The notification states: Details of the activities and […]