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Welcome to Shorne Parish Council. 

This website provides residents and those interested in our Parish’s activities with the most up to date information on local news and issues affecting our community.

Parishioners are welcome to get in touch with the Parish Clerk or individual Councillors, through the contact details provided on this website, on any matters of concern or where advice or assistance is required.

A New Moveable Speed Indicator Device for Shorne and Thong?  Have Your Say!

As reported in the March edition of the Parish Magazine and in the Annual Report recently delivered to homes in the parish, Shorne Parish Council is planning to invest in a community Speed Indicator Device (SID), which will be periodically installed at three fixed locations within the parish.

The SID is similar to one used in Cobham and Sole Street, and other locations around Kent. The SID is not a speed camera. Its purpose is to give approaching vehicles an accurate visual indication of their speed, in order to educate them and encourage drivers to remain within the speed limit.

SIDs are only suitable for use on roads with a 30 mph speed limit.  The three locations selected for the permanently-fixed posts are at locations where it is known that a relatively high proportion of vehicles exceed the speed limit.  The three proposed locations are:

Want to know more?

You can find more information, and a consultation form so that you can let us know your views by clicking on the link below to visit our webpage.

Please note that this consultation is now closed.