Thong Lane Closure for Resurfacing – postponed from 27th July 2017


KCC has advised that it will be necessary to postpone the works from the planned date of 27th July 2017. A new start of works date will be sent as soon as possible.

KCC will be resurfacing Thong Lane between Hartshill Nurseries and the Inn On The Lake.  The work is expected to take 4 days, subject to satisfactory weather.

During these works, it will be necessary to close the road completely.  The diversion route will be via Thong Lane, the A226 Rochester Road, Gravesend Road, Pear Tree Lane, Brewers Road, Watling Street link, and Thong Lane.

If it is not possible to carry out the work as planned, KCC will arrange a new date and let local residents know via a letter drop. They will also put up signs along the road before they start showing the date they plan to start work.

Micro-asphalt is applied cold directly onto the existing road, in two 8mm thick layers that seal the surface to prevent water penetration, restore texture, and improve skid resistance. The first layer is rolled in order to achieve a compact surface on which to lay the top layer. The top layer is not rolled as they want the stones to remain proud of the bitumen whilst it cures to give texture to the new surface.  The finished surface will look quite coarse, uneven and rough immediately after laying, but will improve during the first four to six weeks of use by traffic, as the material beds in.

Generally the road markings will be reinstated within seven days of completing the works, and the ironworks (road drain covers, manhole covers etc.) will be adjusted to suit the new surface within four to six weeks.