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Welcome to Shorne Parish Council. 

This website provides residents and those interested in our Parish’s activities with the most up to date information on local news and issues affecting our community.

Parishioners are welcome to get in touch with the Parish Clerk or individual Councillors, through the contact details provided on this website, on any matters of concern or where advice or assistance is required.


Local Plan Review Consultation

Gravesham Borough Council is carrying out a public consultation on their Local Plan Review.  A key issue is the volume of new housing required, which has been increased from 6,170 to 8,000 new dwellings between 2011 and 2028. 

Given the latest increased housing assessment, the Borough Council considers that there is not enough land in the existing urban area and villages, and that 2,000 dwellings of these extra dwellings will need to be built on land that currently forms part of the Green Belt.

The consultation is seeking your views on a number of options, including:

  • settlement intensification (more housing in existing villages and urban area);
  • enlarging existing villages (including Shorne) beyond their existing boundaries;
  • merging villages (including Higham) to create enlarged settlements;
  • building on fields east of Thong Lane and south of Astra Drive;
  • building north of Three Crutches up to the Wainscott Bypass;
  • building north and east of Chalk.
  • creating entirely new settlements;

Clearly these options could have a major impact the Green Belt around Shorne, Thong, Shorne West, or Lower Shorne.

If you would like to have your say, the consultation period has been extended until 5.00 pm on Wednesday 11 July 2018.  You should complete the online questionnaire at  Paper copies of the consultation questionnaire can be obtained from Gravesham Gateway, Civic Centre, Windmill Street, Gravesend, or at any local library in the borough.

Further information can be found on our “News” page at